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ONLY compatible with the Ride1Up RIFT and CAFE CRUISER (pictured).

The passenger kit allows for carrying a passenger up to 150lbs. We advise passengers wear a helmet and have a secure hold of the rider or a handle when riding.

What’s Included:

  • Quick Connect + integrated passenger seat. Rated up to 150lbs.
  • 2x Wheel covers. To be installed before carrying passengers.
  • 2x Footpegs. Foldable pegs that thread into the chainstays for your passenger.

Passenger Kit Installation Guide




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Based on 40 reviews

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Image #1 from Trevor C.
Image #1 from Trevor C.

Trevor C.

Brilliantly thought out with the Quick Connect system. Makes it an absolute breeze to install and remove when needed. My 4 year old step daughter loves this thing and I went ahead and installed a cheap handle bar to give her a bit more support. No issues with heel strikes, but I can see in the future when she gets bigger that she will need to rest the front of her shoes on the pegs to prevent the heel strikes.

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Image #1 from Trevor C.
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  1. Marlon

    Great- fun addition to the bike to haul friends and family around.

    4 weeks ago
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  2. David V.

    We like it, it is very solid, does the job, and is fairly priced. It is really solid for my 7YO who is about the size of a 9YO. He doesn’t mind riding on it at all. It could be a little easier to take on and put off, but we’re still learning.

    1 month ago
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  3. john telesco

    works great-easy to assemble

    2 months ago
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  4. Jason P.

    Works great for kiddos! Love it!

    2 months ago
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  5. Samuel L.

    We like it but it can be a little bit loose.

    2 months ago
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  6. Colin Schimmelfing

    well designed, and they changed the shield so it doesn’t interfere with panniers which is great

    2 months ago
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