Fastest Electric Mopeds vs Moped-Style Ebikes

A conventional electric moped can reach speeds much greater than thirty miles per hour but has the major drawback of being a licensed road vehicle. Riders need to meet regulations around minimum driving ages, holding a license, and insuring the vehicle while registering for road tax purposes as they would any other motorbike.

Moped-style ebikes, otherwise known as electric moped bikes provide an excellent solution, with models like the Revv 1 categorized as a Class 2 e-bike when ridden within the pre-programmed settings, meaning they are safe and legal to ride on public roads and normally within bike lanes at a pace of twenty MPH and don’t require licensure or registration. This is because they are essentially electric mopeds with pedals.

However, if you’re an off-roader or want an e-bike with a little more power, this moped-style ebike can be switched into alternative modes for a faster off-road experience, reaching speeds of twenty-eight MPH and above.

What Are the Fastest Electric Bikes?

E-bikes are subject to road safety regulations, and in most countries and states, a Class 2 bike operates up to twenty MPH. Of course, a lot depends on how much pedal assist you use!

Other e-bike designs have a lower assisted speed capacity and can reach around 15.5 MPH, and potentially slightly more if you pedal to the best of your ability.

Pedal assist combined with a throttle means you can rely on the motor to help keep you moving. In contrast, an e-bike without a throttle won’t provide assist if you stop pedaling, so if you’d like an electric moped ebike that will maintain a steady pace without pedaling, a model incorporating a throttle is a better bet.

How Are Pedelec and Speed Pedelec E-Bikes Different?

When electric bikes first came onto the market, regulators introduced different categorization systems to define the rules around use on public highways. The aim was to separate different classes, such as:

      • Electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPCs), also known as pedelec or pedal electric cycles
      • Fully electric mopeds, without pedals, which work on a ‘twist and go’ system without any pedaling from the rider

From there, classes also determine the maximum speed the bike can reach. While limits can vary between jurisdictions, it’s normally possible to ride up to twenty MPH without a motorbike license and in lanes available for bicycles.

A speed pedelec is slightly different, and a bike classification that can reach twenty-eight MPH with a motor of around 500W–a little less power than the Revv 1, which has a 750W sustained geared hub motor.

The pitfall is speed pedelec riders may need to register with the road licensing authority and insure the bike as they would a light moped, depending on the local regulations.

Depending on the class, the bike might need to have mandatory features such as a license plate, mirrors, and a horn, and although some states waive road tax for zero-emission vehicles, a higher-speed e-bike may still need to be registered.

Is the Revv 1 a Speed Pedelec?

The Revv 1 may be one of the fastest electric mopeds you can buy, but it incorporates a smart multi-class system to avoid the additional costs and usage restrictions we’ve discussed.

Riders can stick with the pedelec Class 2 pre-programmed setting when riding on public roads but switch over to one of two alternative modes in Class 3 and off-road settings, reaching those speedier twenty-eight MPH and above top speeds.

Depending on where you live, it’s may not possible to ride a speed pedelec in a dedicated cycle lane, but riding the Revv 1 in Class 2 makes that viable, ensuring you can ride safely and comfortably in heavier traffic nipping through congestion to make your commute quicker and easier. It’s also worth pointing out that city traffic tends to reach an average speed of seven MPH, so an electric moped e-bike gives you a great way to access traffic-free cycle lanes without sacrificing speed and enjoyment at the weekend.

Can Electric Mopeds Exceed Thirty MPH?

There are standard electric mopeds that can achieve thirty MPH, but these tend to be single-motor mopeds rather than e-bikes with pedals and pedal assist. This type of moped is not suited for off-road riding and can only be driven on the road.

The alternative Revv 1 has a top speed of twenty-eight MPH and above in two of the multi-class speed settings, ideal for rugged terrain, and is fitted with high-performance four-piston hydraulic brakes, a twist throttle, black alloy pedals, and hardened alloy fenders for a durable and versatile e-bike moped that can manage any conditions.

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