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All donated computers operate on the Ubuntu operating system and software applications.

CLICK HERE for the Ubuntu Handbook

Free Software

pdf_logoA great PDF reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download.

avg Free anti-spyware will help to keep your PC running smoother for longer.

ubuntu Operating system used in TDI computers


Learn to code! Writing Code is easier than many people think. Programmers can make big bucks and hired by all of the worlds biggest and best companies.


Online Links


LinckeIN         A social networking website for people in professional occupations. Look for jobs based on your expertise and interests.


nj com    Free access to thousands of books, magazines, movies, Internet, and organizations.


youtube                Youtube contains tons of interesting educational content. Best of all, everything is free.






Online Links

reddit             Get lost in the wonders of the web. Learn from others on the Internet while exploring your interests and creativity.

facebook2                                Connect with friends and the world around you with Facebook. Share photos after you create your own profile.

Google-Maps-Logo     Google Maps is an easy to use interactive map. Get directions for driving, walking, and public transportation.

central jersy comsmLocal news, community events, and more. Also includes access to surrounding town news like the Princeton Packet.

bing    Search the web for photos, videos, websites and more with this easy to use search engine.