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This week Trenton Digital Initiative launched its partnership with the Rush Crossing community in Trenton. This partnership, aims to provide these families with low-cost, high-speed internet access in their homes. TDI has previously partnered with the Rush Crossing community by providing them with three laptops for their community room, being used by current residents.
TDI acquires donated computers and refurbishes them with an Ubuntu operating system. It then distributes these computers, through community partnerships, at no cost to economically challenged families in the Trenton community. By providing the families of Rush Crossing with the access they need to the internet, TDI aims to bridge the digital divide that the city of Trenton faces.
On June 22 the distribution at this site began with a computer literacy class for six of the Rush Crossing residents. The residents came to this class, learned how to use the Ubuntu operating system and other computer resources, such as a word processor and search engines. At the end of the computer literacy class each resident was presented with a certificate of completion for their efforts in the lesson and was rewarded with their own computer to take home.
For the next two months TDI will be working alongside the community to provide four more computer literacy classes to take place on July 13, July 27, August 10, and August 24 at the Rush Crossing Community Center at 6 PM. TDI will distribute approximately 45 computers, in total, within the Rush Crossing community by the end of the summer.

Jeff Richardson
609-689-9960 Ext. 16

DATE (06/26/2017)

The Trenton Digital Initiative (TDI) is part of the Mid-Jersey Center for Economic Development, a 501c3 non-profit corporation. TDI refurbishes computers and laptops donated by companies and schools, and distributes the computers through Trenton non-profits to economically challenged families. Each TDI computer includes the hyper-efficient Ubuntu Linux Operating System, a popular web browser, and a suite of productivity software that reads and writes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. The Linux operating system is used by Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and 84% of corporate computers including the world’s fastest supercomputer. A customized version of Ubuntu Linux operates Tesla cars. Comcast supplies high-speed Internet to qualifying Trenton families for only $9.95 a month. At TDI, we think everyone deserves access to today’s learning and productivity machines. We have distributed hundreds of computers, and are seeking computers and monetary donations to expand our mission.