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Excellent4.7 Based on 813 reviews from review us onMariion ChristiianMariion Christiian ★★★★★ First off...this is the best designed bike (Revv1 FS) out there imho! Had some brake issues though and customer service stayed in touch, sent me tutorial videos and great guidance! So far any request I make of them is answered same day! All in all I rate the customer service 10/10.Gerald MacKenzieGerald MacKenzie ★★★★★ Purchased two cruisers and everything went smoothly. Rudy was awesome, very helpful. Thanks Again, Take Care!Jose RodriguezJose Rodriguez ★★★★★ Tanks to Benito, he helps me to find a problem with my ebike. He always there answers me all my emails and suggesting me more ways to find the problem with my ebike. Thank youchris harffchris harff ★★★★★ I purchased two bikes and we had a minor issue with one of the bikes and the customer support was awesome. We returned one bike and purchased a different replacement from them and it was awesome. Very impressed with how responsive and fair they were with us.Derek AndrusDerek Andrus ★★★★★ Hands down the greatest investment ever! I researched every known e-bike watching countless YouTube videos, reading many reviews, and Ride1UP always stood out amongst the rest. My wife and I both have cafe cruisers, and absolutely love riding them. These bikes are the Rolls-Royce of e-bikes! If you are searching for an e-bike, Ride1UP is the brand to buy! Amazing project, and amazing customer service! Thank you Ride1UP for the bikes!Alison FelzerAlison Felzer ★★★★★ Brad in customer service was amazing to work with! He helped us right away with both a battery and fuse problem that we had. He made the situation right from the start and even took the time to follow up to make sure the bike was running ok and we were satisfied. As a small business owner myself, it’s refreshing to see great people out there like Brad trying their best and helping on the spot! I would recommend this product and company to everyone!Gary SmithGary Smith ★★★★★ Ride 1UP is one of those rare companies in todays world that actually cares about its customers and provides exceptional service support.Our battery failed on one if our 700s just after 12 months. Leaving a message, we were contacted by Brian from Arizona. We communicated over several days trying different technical moves with internal battery fuses but couldnt solve the the issue.Ride 1UP stepped up in a big way and shipped us a new battery replacement!We full time RV and visit over a dozen camprounds a year in our travels and discuss ebikes with at least one ciuple at each one. Bet you can guess who we recommend!Gary Smith 9-29-23Tom HallaqTom Hallaq ★★★★★ My wife and I purchased two e-bikes recently. Once we assembled the bikes, we discovered minor problems with each. For mine, the front wheel was not trued. On my wife's, the motor on the hub had a problem and a broken battery knob. After contacting Ride1Up's Customer Service, they sent out a new rear wheel and reimbursed all repair expenses at a local shop. Although this was not the ideal situation, Ride1Up was very accommodating and the situation provided the opportunity to get acquainted with our local mechanics. We're now looking forward to getting on the road and enjoying the beautiful weather.David AndrewsDavid Andrews ★★★★★ I had been considering an ebike for a couple of years, at 67 with a spine fusion I don't get much exercise. The problem was a bike with all the features I wanted put me over $2,000, and me on a fixed income. I'm so glad I found Ride1up, the Cafe Cruser checked all the boxes, and was only $1,500.I have logged 540 miles after owning it 4 months. If you had told me I would ride a bike 500 miles a year ago I would have laughed at you.When we get our first bike it's like wings, a new level of freedom that expands our world. Then we get a driver's license and the bike drops away.I have lived in this neighborhood 26 years, and I have seen more of the surrounding area this past summer than I had in all that time. Things look very different when you are not looking at them through a windshield, and confined to roads. I got my wings back! that magic was still there, waiting for me.I liked the Cruser so much our family now owns 3 bikes from Ride1up.I was an aircraft mechanic in the Navy so I am versed in all the aspects of mechanical, electrical, welding and hydraulics. I have had this thing long enough to know it well. The TIG welds are perfect, the components and materials are excellent.If you are looking for a quality electric bike - you just found one.Edit; I'm back after 10 months and nearing 1,000 miles. I had a minor problem, and I'm compelled to add - in addition to the value for the money, you can expect exemplary customer service!Response from the ownerWow, thank you for the amazing review. It is so important to remember how a bike or ebike truly changes how you interact with your surroundings. Thank you for joining the community of Ride1UP Owner's! js_loader

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home-top-products-svg Electric Bike FAQ's

How Long Do EBike Batteries Last?

EBikes come with a range of battery sizes, accessories, and warranty periods, and the life span of the battery will vary with how often you ride, your charging habits, and the maintenance you invest in your new bike.

Typically, ebike batteries will last up to about five years if you store your bike in dry conditions, keep the charging ports clean, and avoid discharging the bike completely. Consistently allowing your bike battery to fully discharge will increase the risk of cell degradation and needing to replace the battery for your eBike much sooner!

How Far Can an Electric Bike Go?

The distance an electric bike covers depend on several factors. The main element is the size of the bike battery. After battery capacity, external factors impact the range of an electric bike. Some of these factors include rider weight, terrain, temperature, use of accessories, type, and pressure of tires, use of gearing, inclines, and the level of motor assistance/throttle used during your bike ride,

The range of our top-quality electric bicycles will vary from model to model. Electric bicycles with larger batteries such as the Cafe Cruiser can provide up to fifty miles of range, giving you plenty of capacity for a two-way commute or a weekend bike ride!

Do You Need a License for an Electric Bike?

An electric bike doesn’t usually need a license to ride, and no specific federal laws cover licensing requirements for eBikes. However, state regulations vary, so the best advice is to check out your local DMV site and double-check the licensing requirements in your region before you shop for an electric bike.

Most eBikes do not require insurance, tax, licensing, or registration, but more powerful eBikes might have varying requirements. It’s also worth considering where you plan to ride eBikes because local regulations for a bike driven on the streets can differ.

How Fast Can an EBike Go?

The speed of an eBike depends a lot on the size of the motor on the eBike you decide to purchase. The components built into an eBike monitor speed and stop providing electric assistance when you reach a speed threshold, helping you ride your eBike safely without compromising efficiency. Most ebikes go up to 20 mph and 28 mph on motor assistance.

The majority of Ride1Up’s Class 3 electric bikes are rated to go 28 mph on pedal assist.

Are EBikes Good for Losing Weight?

Yes! The motor on an ebike may make bicycling easier but at the end of the day, you are still staying active and moving your body during your bike ride. Studies show that riding eBikes can support a healthier lifestyle, improving cardio conditioning and brain function. While you have a handy motor to help you out of sticky spots (or steep hills), pedaling an electric bicycle burns around 444 calories an hour–that’s only 20% lower than a conventional bike!

Do Electric Bikes Have Gears?

Yes, eBikes in today’s market offer a variety of multi and single-geared drivetrains. Most common eBike drivetrains come with seven, eight, or nine gears but can go higher on more expensive models.

The accessories and gears on our eBikes vary from model to model to provide riders with options to find the most suitable and comfortable eBikes for their needs. Be sure to compare electric bike models to find the best option for your needs.

Can You Ride Electric Bikes in the Rain?

All our electric bikes are engineered with exceptional quality components, offer unbeatable accessories, and warranty options, and are IP-65-rated water-resistant. This rating means the electric bike is protected from low-pressure water from any direction.

While we do not recommend leaving the e-bikes out in the rain or riding in hazardous conditions due to personal safety, our eBikes can be ridden in the rain and handle water exposure. Just as with any electrical device, keeping the bike dry and protected from the elements will increase the lifespan of the bike.

What Is the Best Electric Bike Out Right Now?

Choosing a high-quality bike can make your daily travel quicker, cheaper, and healthier–but picking the right electric bike is very much a personal choice, depending on a whole host of factors.

For example, you’ll need to consider your budget, the frame style, size, and color you want, and whether you’re after an urban bike, a casual electric bike for occasional trips, or a more powerful bike to tackle tough hills.

Our Core-5 model is an exceptional value e-bike for first-time riders, and the 700 Series is a top-of-the-range model loaded with features for advanced performance. However, we’d recommend considering what you want to prioritize rather than suggesting that one specific model is the best option for every electric bike rider.

Which Cheap Electric Bike Is Best?

All Ride1Up e-bikes offer seriously competitive value, and we’d be reluctant to suggest that the cheapest electric bikes have the level of functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal we believe are important to your bike riding experience. Very cheap e-bikes have reduced power, performance, and longevity and don’t make the cut when it comes to balancing value against quality.

Our advice is to invest in an electric bike designed to withstand the rigors of the road, with each model developed with precision detail to provide the highest possible performance without costing a fortune. When you shop for bikes, you will want to consider price, accessories, warranty policies, customer support, and service options. Test riding various bikes can also be a valuable step to compare different bike options and find the one that best fits your needs.

Is There a Speed Limit on an Electric Bike?

Ride1Up specializes in Class 3 electric bikes–these bikes can reach speeds of up to around twenty-eight MPH and comply with the U.S. federal classification system. Top speeds vary with bike rider weights, terrain, and whether you’re using throttle only or pedal assist. You can find more information about maximum assisted speeds in our product specs and accessories, including advice about adjusting the settings in your bike display in our support platform.

It remains essential to observe local speed limits because not every state has adopted the same classification system. There may be different speed limits for cycle lanes and travel routes that permit electric bikes.

What Are the Three Types of E-Bikes?

Electric bikes are classified as Class 1, 2, or 3 based on the operation of the motor. As a quick summary of the bike classifications:

Class 1 e-bikes have an upper-speed limit of twenty MPH, with a pedal assist-only electric motor.
Class 2 models incorporate throttles, where the motor stops assisting the rider when the bike reaches twenty MPH.
Class 3 electric bikes have a motor, pedal assist, and a maximum speed of approximately twenty-eight MPH.

However, Ride1Up has incorporated a 20 PMH throttle into most of their class 3 bikes too.

How Far Can You Ride an E-Bike Without Pedaling?

Like all things e-bikes, the range is impacted by variables such as whether you’re riding uphill or downhill, the bike motor and battery size, tire spec and condition, and even the strength of the wind!

It’s also worth noting that a bike is designed for pedaling rather than operating like a moped or electric motorbike, which runs solely on the motor. You wouldn’t expect to sit stationary on the bike without pedaling at all, but you can cruise downhill without much pedal power.

You’ll find ranges for each model on our electric bike product page, from twenty to thirty miles on the Roadster V2 to thirty to fifty miles on the LMT’D, Prodigy, 700 Series, and Cafe Cruiser.


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